The social night out planner
A single mobile App to helping you choose where to go and what to do for a night out. Think of me as your digital PA with everything you need in one place!

Where do we go tonight, how do I get there, where is busy, where is the opposite sex, where has a good offer, what is the dress code, where is still open, where are my friends, where was busy last week, what events are on tonight, I’m organizing a birthday party, I’ve planned a bar crawl, I want to flirt with a girl….

Your World at a glance
See the best that your city and favourite venues have to offer. See the hottest venues by male, female or the number of singles!

Where To Go?
Explore cities, find venues or events and filter your selection to ensure you can make the perfect choice for your night out.
Find Exclusive Offers
Find the closest and best deals in town as well accessing exclusive offers only available through NightEye.

Find Your Friends
Stay connected all night. Find friends during nights out to ensure you never lose touch as your evening unfolds.

Interact With Venues
See information on your venue choice, like Dress Code, Directions, Menus, Photos and interact via Bookings, Social Media, Messages etc.

Check In And Share
Check In to venues and share with friends on social media to keep everybody up-to-date with what you are doing.

Male And Female Stats
Check out the local night scene by reviewing male to female ratios and selecting the hottest venues based on your preferences.

Plan Your Own Party
Create your own events, plan routes with several venues like bar crawls and invite all your friends to the occasion.

Flirt And Fall In Love
Flirt with others and promote yourself as being available for flirting during a night out. Break the ice with a wink!

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