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A new level of adventure after dark.

​Where technology and entertainment collide to offer bargoers a simple means of accessing the information they need to make informed decisions about when and where to go.


People's perceptions heavily influence the quality of their choices. Unfortunately, there is currently limited information available for bargoers to gauge the atmosphere of a bar without actually being there, making it challenging to find the ideal spot to go out. This app provides a convenient way for people to identify the best time and place to go, without the uncertainty of an unfavorable environment, and if offers bars a way to showcase the ambiance of their venue.



Coming soon to IOS

Live Cameras

Live streams inside your bar allow people to see the crowd and ambiance before they visit.

  • You can choose what hours and days it streams (not a 24 hour stream).

  • You can have multiple cameras up at a time, and/or can switch between which one streams depending on what angle you want to capture.

  • You will have your own portal that gives you the ability to turn the camera on/off whenever you would like, as well as change other information on your bars page.

  • The camera is partially blurred so no one can be identifiable, making it completely safe.

  • No video data is saved.

  • We do not capture audio.

  • We set up everything for you.

  • We take care of all maintenance and make sure the cameras work.

Bar Details

People will have access to all of the other information that you would generally showcase on your website

  • Weekly events

  • Happy hour

  • Open Hours

  • Website Link


Utilize AI to help suggest strategies for your business, cut costs, and use it to help run day to day activities to save you time

Why Live Streams?

Live streaming provides window shopping. People wanting to have a night out are going to wonder where the best spots in town are, and by visually showing people the busiest time of the night at your bar, people are going to see that and think its a worthwhile place to visit. Your also reaching a larger audience through our app than your website, as we're continuing to grow.


Customize and update your bars info


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