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Ideally, decision making would be an objective process, but the way individuals make decisions and the quality of their choices are largely influenced by their perceptions, and decision making occurs as a reaction to a problem. Anyone planning to get drinks or have a night out will 100% of the time ask these two questions before going anywhere: “What time should we go?” and “Where should we go?”. There’s currently little to no information to get a specific feel for a bar or clubs atmosphere without actually being there, therefore the answer to those two questions are never guaranteed to fit the criteria of the scene one is looking for. Users will be able to get a simple navigation app used to find local bars and clubs with live cameras, along with information about the businesses happy hours, open hours, With this convenience, people will know the best time and place to go without the worry of the location being unfit to their liking. Not only is this beneficial to consumers, but also to the businesses the cameras are implemented in. This app puts businesses on the map.

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